What we are about!

Whats up everyone!  We’re the Fat Overlords.   A group of guys and girls that love  Movies and Games!  Why are we the Fat Overlords? How do we look at our selves in the mirror?  We’ll use this page to explain that with time!


James Chambers, Our Fearless leader!  A love of Games and Movies has spurred this guy to create a website and run it personally! If you hate, this is your guy!  Likes include  Science Fiction, Horror, and Cuddles.


Andrew Murchison is the guy with the most professional picture.  A background of reviewing Movies, Andrew loves to give his opinion on everything from Science Fiction to  Horror.  Rumor has it that he is not as big on  Cuddles as the  Owner.


Jennifer Chambers. By far the most beautiful  on the website, Jennifer is the Editor in Chief.  She takes  the  incoherent mess that is put on the website and makes it  legible, if not good!